Using Shared Devices in the Classroom

Need ideas about how to best use shared devices? These links have been selected to help you improve your lesson plans and the students learning experience. Enjoy!


This link gives ten apps and descriptions to help you in the classroom.


This is a short article about the objectives of shared devices.


This is a link to a drop box that contains various resources.



This site gives a few basic ideas for those just starting to use technology in the classroom. While this site doesn’t spastically include a lesson plan it may inspire one!


This site contains an example of a lesson plan using shared iPads and a projector. This site gives a general outline as to what should be done when using shared devices.


This is teachers blog describing how she uses shared devices in the classroom.


This is a USA today article about how tablets are impacting the classroom. I highly suggest that everybody read this article since it has many facts that may help you creat a lesson plan.


This is another list about 31 reasons you should use iPads in the classroom. This is a more comprehensive and complete list than the one previously listed.


This is an article about shared devices and how they work behind the scenes, how they impact education, and examples of how to incorporate shared devices into your classroom.


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