The Coder Express


Tuesday December 16, 2014

Pond Cove Elementary School, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Welcome to the Coder Express!

Thank you all for coming to our Polar Express themed Hour of Code event. This page will provide you with information/logistics about our night, support for the apps we will be using, and information about coding itself. The PCPA will be providing hot chocolate and cookies, so please help yourselves. We hope that you have a fun night full of coding!

These fourth graders put together a special coding song called “Do you want to do some coding” to the tune of “Do you want to build a snowman” It is awesome! Check it out below.

Schedule for Tonight:

  1. Visit the capeEteam Coder Express page by clicking on the web link app on your iPad.
  2. Have your Pond Cove student show you what they learned during the hour of code week.
  3. Go back to the capeEteam page, if you have time, and try some of the activities shown on or the apps your students have been using.

Reminder: If you need help, please hold up the yellow symbol on your Traffic app, and a tech helper will come over!


This video gives a fun, quick, and easy overview of coding using the Frozen code from This is great video for beginners to watch to get in the groove of coding and learn in a fun way.

President Obama kicks off hour of code week!

This is a very interesting video about coding and computer science at schools around the world.

A Few Logistics for our Hour of Code Event:

  • Tech Helpers will be floating around to help out with any issues that you may encounter while on The Coder Express. We will be using an iPad app called “Traffic” that is just an app that imitates a real traffic light. The app should be already installed on your iPads, but if it isn’t, the link is down below. Please come to this page to learn the basics on how to use this fun app.

Traffic Light App Link (click on the icon above)

  • The Tech Department has set up two wireless points for this event, and titled them “The Coder Express.” Wireless points are WIFI “boxes” that create a stronger wireless signal than the one that the school has in the cafeteria. We will be asking you to switch the iPads over to the wireless point entitled “The Coder Express.” ALSO, if you have a personal device, please leave it on the schools wireless to save space on the other for the iPads. Thank you.




Apps and Sites we will be Using at the Coder Express

  • Is the site that organizes the Hour of Code Week around the world. On this site you can find the Frozen, Flappy Bird, and Angry Birds coding sites.



  • Come to this page to learn how to get started and use this fun, easy coding app.



  • Kodable is a very easy coding app that is used for younger students who are just learning to code. Come to this page to learn how to use this app and get started.



  • Cago-Bot is another coding app designed for elementary students. This app is the most advanced of the ones we are using, and it is good for someone who is a more advanced coder, and would like a challenge. Please visit this page to learn how to get started and how to use the app.


Scratch Jr.

  • Scratch Jr. is the “kid” version of it’s full version big brother: Scratch, and BYOB. Come to this page to learn some more about Scratch Jr.



We hope you enjoy our night at the Coder Express!

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