Skitch is an apparent academic photo editing/annotating app that allows anybody to snap a photo and draw on it, add fun text, and even add emoticon sticker, then easily share with others. Here is a quick link to a video which demonstrates one of many uses of Skitch:

In this video, they had made it seem simpler than it actually is. In reality, Skitch is a lot more slow running, and tends to lag out a lot. However, this gets the general idea across.

 Now, is it really educational?  ?

I can’t see how this app is relative to education on its own: at all. However, I can see it being used to take a picture of whiteboard notes or something that can be done simpler in Notability for example. Although the advertising video shows Skitch being used in a business sense, it really is way to simple and tacky, for education, or even real serious work.  

?  Is Skitch truly easy to use?  ?
Yes and no. It is simple to take a picture and add arrows and such, however, the app begins to lag very quickly and becomes very vague in its editing options. I also find Skitch more distracting in school than helpful. With the availability of stickers and fun accessories for the pictures, the app tends to distract me in its artistic views.


In the picture above, Skitch has been used in a ridiculously, unneeded way. This ties away from its educational uses, since the app on its own has a whole bunch of u related stickers that may become a distraction to many people.

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