Prezi App Review

Prezi is an app that allows someone to present using a new sort of a powerpoint though the ipad application requires an account to use it. You can make an account online, and access it from your ipad app from anywhere else with an internet connection.  You should make a public account, because that is free, and seems to be the best option for teachers and students.

There’s many features, including the ability to zoom in and out, and just allow easier ability to present information. You can also  plan out your presentations like on inspiration, and  the power points are new and interesting.You can make the

The powerpoints are nonlinear, meaning that you can move around, and rotate, though if some of your students get motion sickness easily, you should avoid that. Instead, you can build straight up and down.

For simple powerpoint things, it’s very easy to figure out. You can add text and change the theme, but it’s not recommended to change the theme after starting your project as it could mess up your current project. You can even innsert images and more text and slides!

You can make more slides, and then plan out how they’re presented! It’s really handy and neat, so you should try it out sometime.

For more help, you can access the wiki-how for using prezi


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