iPad Update: Google Slides and Google Docs

Last week, Google updated two of their Google Apps for Education (GAFE) products for iOS: Slides, and Docs. These updates allowed for images to be directly imported into Docs and Slides from your camera roll. Here’s how to use the new feature.


To add photos in Slides, click on the plus “+” sign.

To add photos in slides, click on the plus sign.

Next, tap on Image.

Next, tap on image.

If you clicked on From Photos, you need to allow Slides to access your photos by clicking OK.

If you clicked on from photos, allow slides to access your photos.

Select a photo and insert it into your slide.

Select a photo and insert into slide.


First, tap the plus “+” sign. Then, click on the wordImage.

Then, click on the word image.

Place your cursor somewhere on the page.

Place curser somewhere on page.

Select the photo you would like to use.

Select the photo you would like.

Now select Done and you have your image!

It will add onto your document

As you can see, this update significantly improves the functionality of both of these GAFE apps for iOS. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the cape E team!