iPad 101

Hello! This page consists of various links to show you how to use the Ipad! There’s many resourses here that you can use!

iPad 101

This webpage starts with a link to the user manual for the iPad, which is very handy. Underneath this, there are different sections that can be scrolled onto to provide the means to access more resources, such as how to take a screenshot, and how to move apps around. There are many topics here.


Teaching with iPad, the basics

This page is filled to the brim with links to tutorials for easy access. The topics on this page are a wide variety, and address a wide range of topics, from how to use dropbox and airdrop, to how to use a variety of different apps on your device. Unfortunately, there are some links that do not work, and some topics that are not linked. Fortunately, there is a link for ideas to use your iPad in class, which is something that all teachers may find helpful!


iPad for dummies, iPad resources

The iPad for dummies connects to a wide variety of different types of resources that someone could use if they were having trouble learning how to use an ipad. It goes from iPad selection all the way to fun tips that could be used. It has more than enough facts that can be used for learning how to use an ipad to its full extent.


iPad guides

This page has a couple of different ipad tips and lessons involving ipad apps. It goes from buying and downloading apps, to organizing apps in folders. This is useful for teachers who might want to download their own apps for a class to use.

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