Information Literacy and Google Advanced Searching

Today, ones ability to find information is almost infinitely more important than ones ability to know information. This being said, Information Literacy is dependent upon how well someone can find specific and accurate information on a given topic. Navigating the internet can be very difficult, but there are tools to help. Google advanced search is a valuable tool that will let you sort and pick the results of your search terms. With Advanced Search, one can enter options, functions, and specifications into their search. These will filter out unwanted or irrelevant information from the search, and enable the user to find accurate and important knowledge, regarding their subject.


This page gives a short tutorial on google advanced search as well as providing a comprehensive list of other explanatory sources. The site also explains the importance of google advanced search in a concise manner.
This google education site provides a lesson plan and two tutorial videos as well as google slide tutorials for new through advanced google search users.
This state university site has a large collection of useful links as well as instruction on how to avoid plagiarism and site sources using google advanced search.
This page discusses information literacy, common core, and application of advanced searching, but provides no instruction.


This site has a collection of information literacy tools that are applicable to the common core education standards. One of these tools is google advanced search.
This Cornel site offers a brief explanation on the application of google advanced search and scholar search. It shows functions that can be entered and how to avoid plagiarism.
This page explains how one can use googles advanced search function and what modifications are used for what.
Alison provides the service of an in depth course in google advanced search. This should teach about the basics as well as more advanced search functions.
This google education web page shows how to use google scholar, the academic specific portion of google advanced search. It provide beginner through intermediate information.
This page explains the application and abilities of google advanced search. It also shows some more advanced search modifications and techniques.


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