How to Transfer Data Using AirDrop

1. Turn on Airdrop by sliding up on your device and tapping on the Airdrop option left of Airplay.


2. Once you have tapped on Airdrop, you have the option to use Airdrop between Contacts, Everyone or Off. Once you chose one of these, Bluetooth should turn on automatically.  Now you are ready to send data.


Note: For this example, I chose Contacts Only just so the picture I send does not go to everyone nearby.

3. Once you have the option of Everyone, Contacts or Off selected, you may go to photos, videos or whatever data you wish to Airdrop to someone. Here, I will be using a photo.

4. Once you are on the photo you wish to send, there will be an option on the left bottom corner of the picture. Tap on it and select whoever you wish to Airdrop it to. The people who are available to receive Airdrop will appear under where it says Airdrop.


So, that is how you send a photo using Airdrop! It works the same way this for most data that could be sent using Airdrop.

Hope this helped!