How to Clear Your iPhone/iPad

1. First you will want to go to your Settings (the silver gear icon).

2. Once you are on your Settings, you will want to tap on General.


3. In the General tab, you will want to scroll all the way down to Reset.


4. Inside the Reset category, you will see the option ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ — Tap on this only when you are ready to completely erase your device.

5. Once you have tapped on ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ it will ask for you to type in the passcode you use to unlock your iPad/iPhone. Enter your passcode.


6. Once you entered your passcode, you will need to select one of two options: Erase or Cancel.  Tap on Erase.


Congratulations your iPad/iPhone is cleared of all data and settings!  

Hopefully this works for you and you can easily follow these steps.