Haiku Deck App Review

The application “Haiku Deck” is an interesting Haiku homework app if you will. It gives you a plethora of options in terms layout, background, and in the writing interface. Even know “Haiku Deck” has many options to choose from, I never found it difficult to navigate around. Its easy to find and select different layouts for your HaikusScreen Shot 2014-12-09 at 8.14.06 AM

This is the main menu for Haiku Deck, it shows the different projects you have created. It allows you to play the slide and it also has the option to edit, share, or export the project. This main menu page also allows easy access to create a new project.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 8.14.18 AM

Here is an open project. Each slide has the option to have a different theme, and the slides can be customized however you may like. This app is very user friendly, and allows in app internet searching to easily find pictures for the background if desired. On the bottom of the screen it shows the previous slides created, and by pressing the plus symbol you can create a new slide. It is easy to skip between slides and edit as you please.A nice feature within this app is the ability to import your own image to fit your Haiku if you don’t like whats provided. Now isn’t that nice? Yeah, its not that impressive, but you have the option, so enjoy it! Speaking of pictures, theres are a lot within “Haiku Deck”. Many categories worth. So much so that it has its own mini search engine. Now thats a lot of Haiku worthy background pictures! Another feature would be the ability to share Haikus with your friends and criticize them. No one says critique like making fun of your friends Haikus.


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