Google Apps for Families 2015

Welcome to Google Apps for Families!

Please click here for tonight’s tasks.

Pond Cove 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade families attending this evening will learn together how to use the Google Apps for Education suite including Docs and Drawing. Students and their families will work together to view student created video tutorials and will complete tasks at each of six stations. These stations will be staffed by Tech Sherpas, members of the Tech Staff and the capeEteam, ready to help guide you on your journey. As each task is accomplished, participants will complete a game board and, at the end of the evening, students can turn in the signed game board for a special prize.

Having trouble memorizing your log on information? See if THIS VIDEO helps you remember it?

To complete tonight’s tasks, please click on the links below to access the tutorial videos created by Pond Cove students with the assistance of members of the capeEteam:

Log In (Computer): Dylan with Nate Labrie

Log Out (Computer): Sally with Nate Labrie

Log In (iPad): Heiki & Thomas with Andrew Brenneman

Log Out (iPad): Heiki & Thomas with Andrew Brenneman

Google Drawing: Jack & Eben with Sam Berman

Sharing a Document: Finn and Pete with Hans Kremer

Formatting a Document: Mia and with Isabel Yim

Creating a Document: Dimitri & Reilly with Andre Robidoux

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