Google Advanced Searching & Website Reliability

Ever wonder how to find a good, reliable source? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Check out this link: Princeton University “reliable” Source.

-Can you figure out if this is a reliable source or not? There are a few indications that show us why this is a BAD site. The first, is the fact that at the top of the page, in big red letters, it states “WARNING: DO NOT CITE“. Of course, this is a big indicator of the fact that this is a bad site to use.

-The other reason we know this is a bad source, may be a little bit harder to find. At the bottom of the article, there is a link to the “Full Article.” When you click on this link, it actually brings you to Wikipedia. This, of course, is not a site you want to use for a research project. Unless you have carefully researched that Wikipedia post, and have another source to back it up.

Google Advanced Searching

-Watch this Tutorial Video to learn how to use Google Advanced Searching to find, good resources, while filtering our the ones you don’t want.

Website Reliability:

Here is a link to the Website Reliability Checklist. You can use this checklist when determining if a website is reliable. Check out the same tutorial above for a little more information about this checklist.

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