Connecting a Bluetooth Device to IOS


  1. On your iPad or iPhone, first go into Settings.
  2. Once you open Settings, go to the category Bluetooth.


3.  Once you are in the category Bluetooth turn Bluetooth on by sliding the small switch to the right. It should show a green area.

4.  Once Bluetooth is turned on, it will search for devices in order for it to find another device that is Bluetooth enabled.  NOTE: the other device must have Bluetooth turned on, too.


5.  On your iPad or iPhone, tap on the device you wish to connect and wait a few seconds while it connects.

6.  A pop up will appear asking if you wish to pair the two Bluetooth devices.  Click on Pair.


7.  Once connected, you can exit Settings and do as you wish.


If your iPad/iPhone or any other Bluetooth device is connected to a speaker that allows Bluetooth or your car that allows Bluetooth, you can play music from your device through the speaker or car. You can not play music or sound from one iPad through another.  The same is true for any other device that is not a speaker or car.