Book Reports 2.0

Some English classes will ask students to create book reports as a final project on a novel or nonfiction book. Ever wonder what a Book Report is? Use this page to find out!

This link brings you to a very long booklet that teaches the basics of iMovie, and the more complicated things as well. Page 34 would probably be the best place to start because it focuses on making movie trailers, which is good for a book project. Also, chapters 1&2 of the booklet are the most important because they focus on the fundamentals and how to make trailers.


This link is good for younger kids, but could also be good for everyone making a book project with iMovie. It gives you links to sound effects and other resources that could be useful for making iMovie trailers. It also takes you to the apple link for iMovie instructions which a good tool if you don’t know how to use iMovie very well.


This link is useful because it gives you other tools for making movie trailers for books. It also gives you some tips and samples of book projects to show students what might be expected of them. It gives you many different video, image, and audio options for pulling together a movie trailer.


This link gives you information on a tool called readbox, which utilizes QR codes to share book projects and movies. It gives information on how to mobile-share your students projects, and show them other students projects.


This link tells you about an app that allows you to distort facial features to create accurate images of book characters. This is usual for book trailers to portray how the characters in your book are described accurately.

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