About Us

We are the student run tech team at Cape Elizabeth High School, Maine. We’re each special and unique, and love the different aspects of Tech.


Sam Berman:

My name is Sam Berman and I am a sophomore at CEHS. I am happy and excited to help any student, or staff member with anything related to technology. We are here to help!

Hans Kremer:

My name is Hans Kremer, I am a freshman at Cape Elizabeth High School and a first time member of our E-Team. I run cross country, winter and spring track, and enjoy problem solving. Being a member of Ted X, I am always open to new ideas. This is the main reason I joined LTIL, to learn new things. I am looking forward to helping with any of your tech needs as well as learning from you.

Nate Labrie:

Hey I’m Nate and I’m a part of the LTIL. I was born in England but don’t have an accent so don’t ask. I also play football, enjoy hiking, and hate the bumper stickers that say “This car climbed Mt. Washington.” I’m decent at problem shooting as well as tech in general. Don’t email me unless you have tried turning the device off and on again because that’s the first thing I’ll do. Hope to help you soon.

David Page:

Hello, my name is David and I’m a member of Mr. Werner’s Tech and Literacy team.
I consider myself an adept level in the realm of technology, I’m an avid gamer, (primarily a console and PC gamer), I draw things that amuse me, and I generally like things that most people don’t.
The tech team is always excited to help you with any technology based problems you have, besides, Apple is known to have easy User Interfaces (UI) so how hard can your problem be, right?

Nicole Penley:

Hello, my name is Nicole Penley, and I am also a part of the cape e-team. I greatly enjoy working with technology and people, and I am always ready to help! I love to game on both xbox and PC, and I understand coding and enjoy painting. If you ever need tech help, don’t hesitate to contact me! I am also a part of the school writing club, environmental club, volunteer club, and the prom committee.

André Robidoux: 

Hi I’m André, and I’m 15. I have always liked working with or being around tech, and taking this class was something that I wanted to do. I like to help people out with their tech problems. I like designing and programming too.

Isabel Yim:

I am Isabel Yim! I’m 15, a sophomore, and a cool child! I like to play videogames on the PC and DS consoles, program random stuff, and work on digital art on my awesome extreme art tablet. I’m in environmental club, and some other things, and I really hate sports. I’ll do my extreme best to help everyone’s problems! 

Site Administrators:

Sam Berman and Jonathan R. Werner

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