Global Cardboard Challenge: Caine’s Arcade

The Global Cardboard Challenge is based off of a video called Caine’s Arcade. This video talks about Caine, a nine-year-old boy who built his own arcade out of cardboard in the front of his families auto shop business. One day, Nirvan Mullick, Caine’s first customer, happened to stroll into this auto shop. He played in Caine’s arcade that day, and realized how brilliant Caine really was. So, he decided to make this kids day. Nirvan invited people from all over Los Angeles to come out and play Caine’s Arcade. Soon it began to inspire kids on how to build their own cardboard creations, and sent in their videos to Caine that you can see in Caine’s Arcade 2. Now, the Imagination Foundation has created an event called the Cardboard Challenge, where kids around the globe can participate in making their very own cardboard masterpiece’s.

For more videos about Caine’s Arcade, you can visit The Imagination Fdn Youtube Channel.

About cape E team

We are the student run technology integration and research support team at Cape Elizabeth High School in Maine. Please see below to contact us with questions about technology integration or suggestions about tutorials we can provide.
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