Coder Express 2014


Tuesday December 16, 2014

Pond Cove Elementary School, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Last night the capeEteam ventured to Pond Cove, and helped out with the Coder Express event.

Before the event, however, we designed a web page for the event. It included: a custom Coder Express header, holidays themed flashing lights, review and tutorials on the apps were were using, and introductions to hour of code week.

During the event, we acted as tech helpers of the night, which included setting up iPads, and walking around the event to help people with their coding questions, and technical difficulties.

As a group, we had an amazing time last night at the Coder Express. We loved seeing the kids so enthusiastic about coding. We all really wish that we learned how to code in elementary school!

Click HERE to go to the full Coder Express page.

About cape E team

We are the student run technology integration and research support team at Cape Elizabeth High School in Maine. Please see below to contact us with questions about technology integration or suggestions about tutorials we can provide.
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